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Good Morning Images
Apne Jiwan Me Apne Liye Bad Se Badtar Halat Banakar Rakhen
Kal Ko Koi Prakriti Waise Halat Layengi To Aap Muskurate Huye
Aasani Se Yah Kah Saken ” Hey Ise To Mai Dekh Chuka Hun”.

अपने जीवन मे अपने लिए बद से बदत्तर हालत बना कर रखें,
कल को कोई प्रकृति वैसे हालत लाएंगी तो आप मुस्कराते हुए
आसानी से यह कह सकें “हे इसे तो मै देख चुका हूँ”।

Good Morning Images
Jab Kisi Ka Madhya Pradesh Hi Khali Ho,
Uske Pas UttarPradesh Par Dhyan Dene Ka Samay Nahi Rahta Hai.
—Good Morning—

जब किसी का मध्यप्रदेश ही खाली हो, उसके पास उत्तरप्रदेश पर ध्यान देने का समय नहीं रहता है। #TT Rangarajan

Good Morning Images
Aaram, Mahatwakansha Ko Khatm Kar Deta Hai. …..Good Morning Images.

आराम (Comfort), महत्वाकांक्षा को खत्म कर देता है .

Good Morning Images
Jab Bhi Aap Koi Naya Shuruwat Karte Hai, Tab Hamesh Wanha Koi Hoga Jo ise Pasand Nahi Karega. Parantu Hamesh Wanha Koi Hoga Jo Ise Pasand Karega~~~Good Morning Images~~

जब भी आप कोई नया शुरुवात करते है,
तब हमेशा वहाँ कोई होगा जो इसे पसंद नहीं करेगा ।
परंतु हमेशा वहाँ कोई होगा जो इसे पसंद करेगा।

Good Morning Images
Sachhai Ko Bol Pane Ke Liye,
Sabse Pahle Sachhai Ko Sunna Sikhna Hoga.
Good Morning

सच्चाई को बोल पाने के लिए, सबसे पहले सच्चाई को सुनना सीखना होगा ।

My Good Morning Suggestion:-

This is the choice of every human being when to sleep and when to get up, but in my case I realized after becoming an early riser that there are numerous benefits of waking early. Getting up early in the morning not only improved my health but also brought a big shift in my emotional and religious level which further resulted in increasing my productivity and personal relationship. What I attained after becoming an early riser I am sharing as follows:-

  • Have good time to Exercise in Morning
  • Can enjoy beauty of Nature in Good Morning
  • Am able to do Meditation Early Morning
  • Enough Time for prayer and to listen the Morning Mantras
  • Time to prepare and Eat Breakfast meditatively
  • Enjoy Peace and Early Morning Time
  • Students can earn better grade
  • More aware due to Mental Fitness
  • More Productivity due to more Energy
  • Feeling More Motivated
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Gives more time to Family
  • More Organised and can
  • Much easy to plan my day in advance
  • Habit of being an early riser, its the character of a good personality
  • Develop Positive Attitude towards people
  • More free time to relax
  • Healthy Lifestyle and no need to visit doctors
  • Self-Assertion – that you can do it
  • Improve self confidence

Most of the people want to become an early morning riser and very well know the benefits derived by becoming morning riser but they can’t do it for one or the other reason.But as per my experience, there is only one and only one reason i.e. Strong Commitment. If we are not committed to self, how can one become committed to his obligation and others. Besides self-commitment the following tips will help you to become a Early Morning Riser and derive all the above benefits.

Don’t make massive changes. Start by waking just 10-15 minutes earlier than usual and improve slowly until you achieve your goal time.

  • Put your Alarm far away from your bed to get up from bed to shut it off.
  • Switch on the lights immediately while going for shutting off the alarm.
  • Tell the mind that today I am waking up for a superb motive.
  • Tell good friends or family member about your plan of getting early morning and keep monitor of your achievements and Get rid of excuses.